Clearly, a woman’s body is much more complex as compared to a man’s body. Not only our women’s bodies different from men, but ladies tend to suffer from different medical problems and agony than guys. When it comes to the back (lumbar, thoracic, and cervical) this is no exception. Women are involved in a lot of activities on a day to day basis that may cause back pain. Whether it be pregnancy, wearing high heels or just hunching over a keyboard in the office. Due to the unique differences between men and women, braces made precisely for women and female back pain are much more effective in nursing the injury.

Most ladies will experience their chronic back pain from lifting something incorrectly or straining a muscle or particular area. Nevertheless, there are some medical conditions that specialists commonly agree tend to transpire more often in females. For example, osteoporosis and compression fractures of the back are more prevalent in women. One experiences compression fractures of the back when their vertebrae, or bones of the spine, break. And osteoporosis is known to be the chief cause of compression fractures. Other back conditions that are more prevalent with ladies are pregnancy pain, for apparent reasons, and SI joint pain.

It can be quite difficult to make a choice of which back brace is the best for treating your back pain. Back pains are fairly diverse and that’s why there are different types of back braces each meant to cure a specific back pain. All those women who take time reading this article are on the right path in finding out which back braces are right for their exact back pain.

Posture Correctors for your Upper Back & Shoulders

Do you hunch while standing or sitting? A lot of ladies do and don’t even realize it. There’s a high chance you are slouching over while taking a walk, cooking, browsing Twitter on your smartphone, and even sitting at your desk at work. The risk of having bad posture is that it can lead to more stern back and health issues. For instance, low energy levels, migraines, and severe neck and back pain.

A posture corrector can go a long way in preventing bad posture by softly pulling your shoulders back. This trains your muscles so that your back naturally holds itself in a healthier position. The following a few back issues the posture corrector can assist with:

  • Relieving severe back pain by strengthening and making your back straight
  • Assists during recovery after a c-section by strengthening your abdominal muscles
  • Assists back muscle spasms by supporting your back
  • Prevents kyphosis by straightening your back and stopping a spinal curvature

Maternity Supports for Pregnant Women

Are you expectant and feeling back pain (particularly lower back) and exhaustion? This is very prevalent among expectant mothers as you are supporting so much more weight than usual. Pregnancy regularly places stress on your lower back and the pain felt can be quite excruciating.

A maternity support brace offers the necessary support for your growing belly. The brace will assist to release pressure on the lower back – which is experiencing much of the stress.

Female Abdominal Binders for Waist, Hip & Stomach Pain

Most of women back pains can be associated with weak ab muscles. In most cases this can be from swelling in the hip and ab regions or because of a c-section.

An abdominal binder for women is a good way to cure ab and hip problems, that also may be affecting the lower back. This is a perfect binder for women who have just had a hysterectomy, c-section, other surgery with an abdominal incision, or are suffering from pain caused by inflammation of the area.

  • Applies compression to the affected region thus fixing hip and abdominal inflammation
  • Supports the hip and back muscles thus relieving hip pain
  • Applies compression across the midsection after c-section surgery

Cervical & Thoracic Spine Braces

Your thoracic spine (or mid back) is a very typical area to suffer from back pain, specifically in women. This area of the back is a common place for compression fractures and osteoporosis. This is the sole reason why females should have a great treatment option that is focused on the mid back.

A thoracic spine brace is a backpack-like design, making it simple to apply and put on. The brace provides a lot of support to the back that it can treat a wide array of conditions such as:

  • Cures kyphosis by applying compression and steadiness to the thoracic spine
  • Assist heal compression fractures through the support applied throughout the spine
  • Assists relieve osteoporosis by offering compression and alignment across the back
  • Compresses entire back thus preventing chronic mid-back (thoracic) pain

Lumbar Corsets for your Lower Back

Your lumbar, or lower back, is a typical area to experience severe back pain. Whether it be from bad posture (stressing the place), to lifting a heavy item, this part of the body is prone to pain. Women often feel strain in this place from a number of reasons, whether it be holding a baby or lifting a heavy handbag.

The best brace for lower back issues is a lumbar corset. This brace is remarkable since it contours to the shape of your body! The brace possesses a pulley system that allows you to alter the level of compression you are feeling based on your condition.

  • Provides adjustable compression to the lower back thus treating chronic lower back pain
  • Prevents and treats mild lumbar back compression fractures
  • Provides mild support to the hips and abs thus helping with abdominal inflammation

Elastic Back Wraps for Women

Back pain is quite common amongst women thus it is important for them to know how to treat their precise pain. There is an array of issues or conditions that may be triggering your lower back pain,  and mild compression around that part of the body can do wonders.

An elastic back wrap is an amazing back brace that can be used to treat lower back pain. This brace is great since it hugs and supports the lower back and abdomen, easing as well as treating the lower back pain in women. The support can effortlessly be applied and is adjustable thanks to the wrap-around design.