Back Braces

Back Braces

We sell a variety of medical braces suitable to relieve any back pain and make you lead a healthier life. Orthopedic back braces are one of the most common back braces used by those who suffer from back pain and discomfort.

Shoulder Braces

We can help you relieve the pain that you experience around the arm, neck and shoulder region with our sophisticated Neck Free Shoulder System.

Knee Braces

Our knee braces can help you get rid of any knee pain that is associated with arthritis, osteoarthritis or other ailment that doesn’t seem to respond to any treatment.

Head & Neck Braces

Whenever your physician advises you to get a cervical collar or neck brace to relieve pain in the neck area then you can come to us and be assured to get the right neck brace for your need and symptoms.

Ankle Braces

Life can be very obnoxious and excruciating when suffering from an acute or chronic pain that can’t seem to go away. Even the simplest tasks can be impossible to achieve with this pain.

Elbow Braces

Chronic elbow pain can make your life unbearable, and that is why our elbow braces can be helpful as they relieve the pain and make you lead a healthier and fulfilling life.

Try out our back brace and make your life comfortable and enjoyable!

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“My back pain seems to get worse every single day’”

“I am done taking more drugs for my back pain”

“My body can’t handle any more back surgery and I have no idea what to do.”

“I can’t enjoy my life like I used to as I find it painful to even use my car to go to the supermarket”

“Golfing is not a sport that I can enjoy anymore”


We know how relentless back pain can make your life unbearable such that even the simple activities become impossible to do. We have helped a lot of people who used to suffer from constant back pain until they began using our Back Brace.



Our Back Brace is covered by a good number of insurances like medicare due to the pain relief benefits it offers. Give us a call 888-270-6092 or Send us a mail today and we will help you get this back brace at little or no cost at all.

Do you want to know more about this Back Brace?  Click HERE to download a document with more information about this Back Brace that you can share with your physician.


and Many more


Our Product features 


Compact design – its design makes it suitable for traveling


Easy to take on and off – you can use it only when you need it


Different sizes – it doesn’t matter what your body type is, you can get the back brace that perfectly fits you


Two adjustable Velcro straps – hold the back brace in place and limits its movement

Our Back Brace can get rid of your back pain while you enjoy doing your favorite activities like:


Accessing your car or any other vehicle


Cooking for your family


Going grocery shopping with your kids


Playing golf with your colleagues


Getting your garden ready for spring

Frequently Asked Questions

“I have a weak back, so I wear it when I go golfing. I’m very happy with it and would recommend it to others.”– Thomas, Huntersville, NC

I still have some question that I like to ask before purchasing

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Does the Brace work for Men and Women?

Yes, the brace is unisex. Once you place your order we will send you a tape measure so we can get an accurate size for you.

Which sizes do you carry?

This back brace comes in Small to XXX-Large and is sized according to waist size. Sizes start at 23 inches and go up to 66 inches.

I don’t have health insurance. Can I purchase this back brace without it?

You sure can! Just submit your name and number in the contact form at the top of this page. The patient care representative that calls you back can take your order over the phone or you can email us at

Does it have magnets?

No the brace does not have any magnets.

Is this brace waterproof?

It is not recommended to submerge the brace in water or to wear it while engaging in underwater activities. You can, however, keep it clean by using a soft cloth and warm soapy water.

Can it be used while walking on a treadmill?

Yes, you can use the back brace while walking or jogging on a treadmill. If you are feeling pain while on a treadmill, you may not be maintaining proper posture, such as leaning too far forward. If this is the case, the back brace will not prevent an injury. It is best to consult your physician if you have any questions.

How do you clean the brace?

Hand wash using a soft cloth and warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and then air dry.

Can I return it if I don’t feel like it is working?

Yes, if you are not fully satisfied with your back brace, you can exchange or return it within 180 days and we will refund your insurance.

Can I modify the brace for a better fit?

No. Do not cut, file or damage your brace. There are many size options, so if you feel that it doesn’t fit right, we can exchange it for a different size.

Can it be worn under clothing?

Yes, this back brace has a snug fit that can easily be hidden under every day clothing.

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Should You Be Using A Back Brace?

It doesn’t matter what has caused your back pain, the injury can be as a result of degenerative wear or an unfortunate injury, what is for certain is that a back brace can go a long way in helping support your lower back as you heal. Some of you may have heard about back braces but don’t know what they really are. Well, a back brace is a support that can be used to give your lower back with some extra support. In a few cases, this support device can significantly improve or fully eliminate back pain altogether. No matter whether your pain is caused by old age, injury or bad posture, a brace may be the best way to offer you with some relief present and in the future. In this post we will take an in-depth look into how a back brace really works and if it can effectively help you heal from a back injury. A back brace is known to give support to the muscles and bones in the lower back and eliminate or minimize back pain. Your back is an important area of your body that’s why it needs extra care and a back brace can offer additional support and help your body relax and start healing from the strain or stress that caused the discomfort. These specially designed braces also limit the motion of the spine, which also helps in eliminating pain and discomfort. How Does a Back Brace Work? As stated earlier a back brace can remove or minimize back pain by giving support to the muscles and bones in your lower... read more

Types of Back Braces

Back braces are devices intended to limit the movement of the spine in the event of a fracture or in post-operative fusions. It also acts as a preventive measure against some advanced health conditions. Reducing movement of the spine and back muscles boosts the healing process of the bone in fractures or post-operative fusions. Back braces will therefore help in reducing the back pain and discomfort of the back while in motion. Currently, there are different types of back braces in the market that can be used to manage severe back pain, improve posture or even treat a mild back injury. These devices are designed to give targeted support that will let you do your daily activities without any qualms. In this article we are going to talk a little able the main types of back braces out there. With a wide array of back braces out there we get a lot of confusion from patients trying to make a choice of a back brace they need, so we wanted to make it as easier for you to arrive at your decision. There are two types of back braces commonly used to limit the movement of the spine. This includes rigid braces and Corset/Elastic braces. Rigid Braces are usually intended to reduce low back pain and instability by at least 50%. If more firmness is required to offer support to the spine than is found in ordinary back support, then rigid frame spinal bracing is every so often prescribed. These rigid braces entail rear uprights that reflect the outline of your low back and pelvis. They are also fitted... read more

How to Choose the Most Suitable Back Brace for Your Back Injury?

Whether you’re improving posture, managing chronic pain, or healing from a short-term injury, choosing from the most suitable back braces is the place to start. There are different types of braces out there and each one is designed to provide targeted support that will let you enjoy all of your desired activities without reinjuring yourself. However, if you’re still not certain which is the best brace for your needs, learn about all the different options before making your choice.  Depending on your daily activities, poor body posture can come as a result of certain muscles tightening up while others lengthening and becoming weak. Many times, poor posture develops as a result of accidents or falls. But bad postures also develop due to other factors such as environmental factors and bad habits.  If you are suffering from a bad posture, it’s important you consider the help of a back brace. A back brace can be described as a device designed to limit spine movement in cases of post-surgery fusions and fracture. These specially designed devices can also be used as preventive measures against conditions that might lead to back pains and disorders. As mentioned earlier, a back brace will limit the movement of your back and ensure that you maintain the right posture. It ensures that your back is straight and doesn’t bend due to work or bad habits. There exist different types of back support devices that focus on certain parts of your back. There are braces that are designed for lower back while others for upper back. Each of these devices is designed to serve its specific purpose.... read more

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