Head & Neck Braces

Neck braces also known as cervical collars have been around since the days of ancient Egypt and Greece. These support devices are used to relieve neck pain, immobilizing the head and to allow healing. There are three major reasons why you might be required to wear a neck and head brace:

  1. Pain relief is the most common reason. The supporting device assists your neck in supporting the weight of your head while allowing the soft tissues in your neck time to heal
  2. If you have ever had spinal neck surgery, a neck brace may keep your neck bones in line as you heal
  3. A neck brace can be used as a precautionary measure if you are from a traumatic accident.

Here, at Backbrace.org, are aware of the sensitivity of having chronic or mild neck pains and the effects it can have on you if the pain goes untreatable. That’s why we have come up with a variety of neck braces that are made by orthotist to best suit your needs and symptoms. Our neck braces are fall under two categories:

Soft Neck braces

A soft neck brace which is also known as cervical collar is most likely the most common neck brace you see people wearing. We offer cervical braces, made from thick rubber foam covered in cotton. They are used to stabilize your cervical spine after neck trauma or surgery. Several cervical braces are available which include: Soft collar (flexible brace used as a transition to wearing no collar) and Philadelphia Collar (a rigid/stiff collar used for conditions such as stable cervical fracture and/or cervical strain).

Rigid Braces

Rigid braces are generally prescribed for low back pain and instability. They are made up of molded plastic and removable front and back padded liners. If you require greater rigidity to support your spine, rigid braces are the ones recommended for you. Common types of these braces found at our shop include:

Cervical-thoracic braces

Special cervical-thoracic braces are often required to avoid and restrict neck and upper back movement after an accident on this parts or neck fusion surgery. It has a plastic padded chest jacket in two pieces, in the front and back with Velcro straps. It also supports your chin and the back of your head. We offer a wide variety of affordable cervical-thoracic braces that can be worn around the injured part and enable you to heal fast. We advise patients and caregivers a like to consult with their personal physician before buying braces from us.

A neck brace is not a permanent device you are cast to wear your whole life. It’s a temporal support that is meant to help your neck heal and relieve neck pain. Always observe caution when wearing your neck brace in order to get its maximum benefit. A recommended neck brace is one that decreases motion and is comfortable, so remember to consult your doctor before reaching to a conclusion of which neck brace to purchasing.