Back Braces

Your back is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. If you are from a back surgery or just injured your back then the movement of your lower spine will compromise the healing process in that area and sometimes even aggravate your back injury. If the motion of your lower spine is limited then you may heal faster and experience less discomfort or pain when doing simple activities. The best device that can limit movement in this area is the back brace.

Here, at, we understand the needs of patients with back injury. We have a wide variety of back braces that will suit your needs and symptoms. We want your back injury to heal fast and will offer you the best back brace for your injury. Our back braces are classified into two categories:

Rigid Braces

We offer rigid braces such as Thoracolumbar Sacral Orthosis (TLSO) or Boston Overlap braces which are mainly made from plastic. This kind of brace is designed to perfectly fit your back and reduce up to half of your spine’s movement. If you are from a fusion surgery then this is the perfect brace as it will help you heal faster. Moreover, this brace is best worn while standing and can create discomfort if worn while lying down.

Corset Braces

Our corset braces can be used to reduce spine movement for patients who have just had lumbar fusion. This works by preventing the patient from bending forward so as not to affect the healing process. We have different sizes of corset braces that can be used to limit the motion of your lower back. Bones heal fast when they don’t experience movement and the corset brace will just do that.

You neither have to have a back injury nor had a surgery to use our corset braces. These braces are also recommended to those who lift heavy load at work. The brace works by strengthening your back and hence preventing you from injuring your back while you perform heavy lifting. A corset brace ensures that you carry heavy items while maintaining a straight and healthy posture.

If you go through our inventory, you will find that we have every kind of back brace there is. As much as we encourage our clients to select the brace of their liking, it is advisable to consult with your physician before you buy any brace from us.

A doctor understands the extent of your injury and he/she will recommend the best back brace as per your needs and symptoms. Moreover, let us know of your measurements prior to making a purchase on our shop so that we give you a brace that perfectly fits you. Remember, you can always exchange the back brace you bought from us if it doesn’t fit you properly. We also offer refunds for those who choose to return any of our products. However, this is over a limited period of time.