Wrist Braces

The wrist is a complex joint that connects the hand with the forearm consisting of carpus bones and the lower arm bones (radius and ulna).  The wrist is prone to injuries that can be classified into two groups, Acute and Overuse injuries. In case of any of these injuries, wearing a wrist brace can be of great help to you in stabilizing the wrist and enabling the recovery of the damaged tissues.

Here at Backbraces.org, we have various types of wrist braces that are ready-made and custom molded by professional health practitioners. The duration of time you wear your wrist brace is solely dependent on the level of injury. But braces generally are won in between 4 to 6 weeks to allow your soft tissues and bones to heal. It’s important for you to select a quality wrist brace to assist you recovery faster and safer. Our shop has a wide array of quality braces that go for reasonable prices. The different types of wrist braces offered in Backbrace.org include:

Wrist Cock-up

The cock-up brace is commonly recommended for tendons and ligament wrist injuries. It can also be used to support your broken wrist after the removal of the cast. Cock-up splints have a hole for your thumb while the other fingers are left free. These splints are made up of cloths that have metal support running along the palm-side of your wrist. Cock-up wrist braces cover half the circumference of your wrist, with emphasis on the palm side. However, this brace may come with a hard back surface on wrist if it’s a dorsal splint.

Thumb Spica

This wrist brace is similar to a cock-up splint but with an additional piece that covers and prevents your thumb from moving. The thumb spica is recommended to be worn after a fracture of the scaphoid (a small bone at the base of your thumb) and for purposes of decreasing inflammation caused by tendinitis. They are made out of thermoplastic and are available here at our online store.

Ulnar Gutter

An Ulnar gutter wrist brace runs along the palm side of your wrist and hand. They are generally modified and created to treat bone fractures in your palm with a lot of emphasis on your rind and pinky finger. This brace protects the injured area but doesn’t hold your thumb, index and middle finger. An ulnar gutter wrist brace is made of thermoplastic and are particularly helpful for individuals who have injured the hand they use to write.

Radial Gutter

The radial gutter share a lot of similarities with an ulnar gutter, but it’s placed on the thumb side of the wrist. Radial gutter is usually used to treat fractured bones in your palm, below your middle and index fingers. The other fingers are left free (your thumb, ring and small fingers) allowing you to go on with your daily tasks. The radial gutter is molded out of fiberglass or thermoplastic materials and plaster.