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Types of Back Braces

Back braces are devices intended to limit the movement of the spine in the event of a fracture or in post-operative fusions. It also acts as a preventive measure against some advanced health conditions. Reducing movement of the spine and back muscles boosts the healing process of the bone in fractures or post-operative fusions. Back braces will therefore help in reducing the back pain and discomfort of the back while in motion. Currently, there are different types of back braces in the market that can be used to manage severe back pain, improve posture or even treat a mild back injury. These devices are designed to give targeted support that will let you do your daily activities without any qualms. In this article we are going to talk a little able the main types of back braces out there. With a wide array of back braces out there we get a lot of confusion from patients trying to make a choice of a back brace they need, so we wanted to make it as easier for you to arrive at your decision. There are two types of back braces commonly used to limit the movement of the spine. This includes rigid braces and Corset/Elastic braces. Rigid Braces are usually intended to reduce low back pain and instability by at least 50%. If more firmness is required to offer support to the spine than is found in ordinary back support, then rigid frame spinal bracing is every so often prescribed. These rigid braces entail rear uprights that reflect the outline of your low back and pelvis. They are also fitted... read more

How to Choose the Most Suitable Back Brace for Your Back Injury?

Whether you’re improving posture, managing chronic pain, or healing from a short-term injury, choosing from the most suitable back braces is the place to start. There are different types of braces out there and each one is designed to provide targeted support that will let you enjoy all of your desired activities without reinjuring yourself. However, if you’re still not certain which is the best brace for your needs, learn about all the different options before making your choice.  Depending on your daily activities, poor body posture can come as a result of certain muscles tightening up while others lengthening and becoming weak. Many times, poor posture develops as a result of accidents or falls. But bad postures also develop due to other factors such as environmental factors and bad habits.  If you are suffering from a bad posture, it’s important you consider the help of a back brace. A back brace can be described as a device designed to limit spine movement in cases of post-surgery fusions and fracture. These specially designed devices can also be used as preventive measures against conditions that might lead to back pains and disorders. As mentioned earlier, a back brace will limit the movement of your back and ensure that you maintain the right posture. It ensures that your back is straight and doesn’t bend due to work or bad habits. There exist different types of back support devices that focus on certain parts of your back. There are braces that are designed for lower back while others for upper back. Each of these devices is designed to serve its specific purpose.... read more

Why Back Braces are So Important

Back pain and especially lower back pain has been found to affect a majority of the population at one time in their life causing debilitating discomfort and even demobilizing the sufferers. In some cases, the back and spinal injury resolves itself within a short time. In others there is need for specialized pain treatment which includes in most cases the use of back braces. These help in reducing the pain in the short term while also increasing mobility and accelerating the healing process. While there are different types and sizes of braces, they primarily work to support a healing spine and prevent further injury. When the backbone is injured, the surrounding muscles go on a protective mode and work overtime to protect the injured part. This happens mostly when there is movement that affects the injured part. This muscle spasm is the pain one with a back injury experiences. Back braces help to alleviate this pain by supporting the injured part and thereby reducing or eliminating the muscle spasms. The brace also helps to support the core muscles during strengthening exercises that are very vital for a sturdy back. Most back injuries can be treated using non-invasive means but even after surgery there may be need for a back brace as a means to speed up the healing. This works in a way that provides stability to the spinal column, reduces pressure and limits small movements to aid healing. In such instances, the duration the brace is worn depends on the patient needs although the brace is not worn immediately after the surgery but is introduced three weeks post... read more

Selecting the Right Brace to Treat Female Back Pain

Clearly, a woman’s body is much more complex as compared to a man’s body. Not only our women’s bodies different from men, but ladies tend to suffer from different medical problems and agony than guys. When it comes to the back (lumbar, thoracic, and cervical) this is no exception. Women are involved in a lot of activities on a day to day basis that may cause back pain. Whether it be pregnancy, wearing high heels or just hunching over a keyboard in the office. Due to the unique differences between men and women, braces made precisely for women and female back pain are much more effective in nursing the injury. Most ladies will experience their chronic back pain from lifting something incorrectly or straining a muscle or particular area. Nevertheless, there are some medical conditions that specialists commonly agree tend to transpire more often in females. For example, osteoporosis and compression fractures of the back are more prevalent in women. One experiences compression fractures of the back when their vertebrae, or bones of the spine, break. And osteoporosis is known to be the chief cause of compression fractures. Other back conditions that are more prevalent with ladies are pregnancy pain, for apparent reasons, and SI joint pain. It can be quite difficult to make a choice of which back brace is the best for treating your back pain. Back pains are fairly diverse and that’s why there are different types of back braces each meant to cure a specific back pain. All those women who take time reading this article are on the right path in finding out which... read more

Why Should You Wear A Neck Brace?

Majority of the people suffering from neck injuries may have been involved in a motor accident, or have injured themselves when participating in a certain sport or exercise, or some may have sprained their neck while turning during the course of sleep. Whichever the cause may be for the injury, it can be unbearable and will often seek for an effective relief. There’re quite a number of effective remedies but the ones that remains most practical and effective is the use of neck braces. At times the neck braces can be worn after surgery to help in the healing process while sometimes like for those who practice motocross sports, they wear neck braces to prevent injuries. With some chronic conditions, one is required to wear neck braces as they walk to avoid migraine headaches from occurring. This type of braces, work by keeping the head stable and supporting the shoulders by allowing them lie on the brace instead of the neck. This in turn helps the neck to heal quickly and recuperate from an injury. A neck brace will also help to straighten out your bones which helps them heal faster and better especially when your injury is predominant to the vertebra column. When the issue is a sprained neck due to over-stretched or worn-out tendons, the neck braces will hasten the healing process by immobilizing them. Types of Neck Braces Nowadays there’re many different kinds of neck braces with various distinctive features that are to some extent unique from each other. Each of one of them works best for a particular kind of injury but all related to... read more

Types of Back Braces to Choose From

When suffering from a back injury or recovering from a surgery after a fracture to the spine, the pain will often be intolerable. The pain may limit you even from doing very simple activities and a lot of people don’t realize that they have a back pain until then. Purchasing a back brace could be a great solution to helping you ease the symptoms of minor back injuries to major surgery recovery pain. It is important to seek medical advice from either your physician or a physiotherapist in order to get the best back brace that is suitable for your condition. Back braces can be used simply for support to the back or for balance as it holds the whole upper body and keeps it on a straight posture. A lot of people dealing with chronic back injuries may have to wear a full, very rigid back brace that extends from the sacral area of the lower back up to the underarms. Some will even be required to connect a neck brace to the back brace in order to provide maximum support to the broken muscles. For this type of injuries, the physician is definitely the one to decide which the suitable back brace to offer maximum flexibility is. A foam padded type of brace is often used to relieve both symptoms of lower and those caused by minor injuries. A physician will often recommend the use of this type of brace for people who suffer from back pain or any other neuromuscular infections. In such cases, the back brace will help reduce the pain and offer additional support... read more

The Right Knee Brace for Your Injury

When you’re newly introduced to the idea of using knee braces for your injury, you may not understand the different types there are and their purposes. However, a thorough medical evaluation should be conducted to determine the condition of your knee and subsequently the best knee brace for your specific condition. There are several types of knee braces, from those worn during exercise to avoid injuries from occurring to those that are worn all-through the day when you’re experiencing permanent knee injury pain. Other are meant to assist in the recovery process and at the same time immobilize the knee movement to avoid further injuries. Such braces are known as functional knee braces. These ones are designed for people who may have experienced knee injuries in the past and are now in the recovery process. Knee injury pain is mainly caused when ligaments near the knee are torn and that may result to a knee reconstruction when the condition is serious. The pain is often too severe and causes discomfort to the patient and that is the reason why they should get knee braces. After recovery, a person who has previously suffered a knee injury is allowed to participate in sporting activities but only when they have functional knee braces on to prevent further injury. The knee brace also act as support and aids in the healing process by allowing small movements of the knee during the activity. When one is diagnosed to have a ligament issue, they will be advised by their physician or physiotherapist to wear knee braces that will allow normal movement and support to the... read more

The Right Knee Brace Can Help with Your Knee Recovery

Do you feel pain on one (or both) of your knees? If you have a problem with your knee then you need a knee brace to recover well. A lot of individuals are online looking for the right brace for their knee problem. There are numerous type of knee braces available thus one should be careful and select the right brace for their needs. Keywords such as “ortho knee brace” for instance will assist you land on the subject of knee braces, but you may be astounded by the huge information you will find online. While you require need a knee brace, you will encounter many types of “medical knee braces” or “ortho knee braces” etc out there, and you may just decide not to buy one due to sheer volume of braces available. This article will assist come to the most suitable decision by giving you the correct alternatives. The Phrase “Ortho Knee Brace” Folks will often call braces as “ortho” knee braces and normally what they imply is an “orthopedic knee brace”. You may want to get a medical grade (orthopedic) knee brace, as you wouldn’t want to go for simple knee braces that you can find on your local drug. Knee braces at your local drug store may cost just $10.00 which is quite cheap but don’t offer much when there are compared to much more expensive braces. How to Know Which Knee Brace is Suitable for You Here are 3 questions that you have to ask yourself before you reach a conclusion on which knee brace to buy. How much knee pain do you feel... read more

Find a Lower Back Brace That Suits Your Lifestyle

Lower back braces work mainly by giving support and easing pain of the lower back muscles hence providing quick pain relieve and recovery for worn out and injured back muscles. Dealing with lower back pain can lead to more issues arising like reduced ability to work or increased demand of medical attention every so often. Finding the suitable back brace that will offer support to your lower back can have a real effect in reducing the pain levels hence the quality of your life. Among the best back braces is the lumbar support brace which helps reduce the pain and offers quick relief. To determine the best back brace for you, you will need to first determine the root cause of your problem. It is important to address the particular problem be it pain from a physical injury or that caused by either lifestyle or behavioral changes. You will find that majority of the people who suffer lower back injury either sit for long hours, or are not very active or have increased weight over time. It Is therefore recommended that people experiencing lower back pain due to any of the above reasons, to either change their lifestyle by using minor exercises that will help strengthen their lower back muscles and add the support of a lower back brace. Alternatively, to avoid lower back pain it is important to always sit upright and avoid slouching or poor posture as this will reduce the risk of experiencing lower back injuries. Additionally, tedious movements and poor postures from daily living and working conditions may leave you sore and at the risk... read more

Understanding the Importance of Ankle Braces

Ankle injuries are the most common injuries reported. They are very painful and can take a very long time to fully heal. They can put a stop to the way you exercise and sporting activities or even to your daily routine. Ankle injuries are not limited to any person in particular since they can be caused by a simple twist, a sprain or a fracture to the ankle. In sporting activities sprained ankles are very common therefore, athletes are advised to always have with them ankle braces while training or in the field. For anyone who has experienced a knee injury, it can become very difficult to walk. You may experience pain, bruising or swelling after the injury that will be persistent thus limiting your movement. Moreover, once you sprain or hurt your ankle at any given time, it is very easy for the same to reoccur. Regardless of the pain involved, it is very important to purchase ankle braces to help you fight the pain. Ankle braces are very helpful because they keep the ankle straight thus preventing further damage to the ligaments. The ankle braces help to keep the ankle stable thus preventing it from turning in and out. This helps the injury heal faster as well as reduce chances of another injury. They also helps control the movement of the ankle area by restricting movement of both the heel and the forefoot. This makes it very easy to perform normal activities without causing further damage to the ligaments. The ankle brace further offers the support and comfort needed for weak ankles thus maintaining good ankle health.... read more

The Best Foot Brace for You and How to Know If It Actually Works

Ankle or foot injuries are quite common because the fractures may occur over time as a result of increased exercise that causes an injury. The need for a foot brace arises when there is a neurological issue and the foot requires additional support. Therefore, foot braces can play a great role on your road to your recovery. When a person stands, there is involvement of a multiple combination of bones, muscles and neurological control which work together to support the whole body. Sometimes when a person has neurological complications, they may have a challenge with these other parts involved. That makes standing or moving very difficult for them. However, foot braces can efficiently be used to assist with all of these parts in order to maximize the person’s functionality as well as ease the pain. We actually wear foot support almost every day depending on the activity we are doing like when taking a walk or jogging, the kind of footwear that is appropriate for that particular activity is specifically for that purpose and not for another activity. Each aspect of the specific footwear is designed to particularly give you the most support for the best performance and hence foot braces are not that different. When looking for a suitable brace, you should go for the one that positions the foot in the most comfortable way else it will not give you the best results. This means there should be balance between the foot turning outwards and inwards while offering a good bend to the ankle. Additionally, it shouldn’t be too loose or too tight since you need to... read more

Protect Your Shoulders by Wearing Shoulder Braces

Over-exercising the upper body muscles can result to shoulder pain especially for people who engage in extremely physical activities and exercises such as wrestling or tennis. Sometimes, even for normal people shoulder pain can be caused by incorrect sleeping posture or gently sloping off the bed. Other routine activities such as lifting a heavy objects or carrying a heavy load over your shoulder can also result to shoulder injuries. This is why, you need to have techniques of stabilizing your shoulders in order to avoid potential injuries. Having this type of injuries will require you to have shoulder braces during and over a period of time until the damaged ligaments or muscles are fully recovered. Shoulder braces are important to assist in your healing process after injury since they keep the upper body muscles and the injured shoulder firm by restricting unnecessary movement that may cause further damage to the shoulder. There has been a lot of changes in the shoulder brace technology used within the past few years. Therefore, selecting the appropriate braces will ensure faster recovery for your shoulder. The materials used to make shoulder braces are now lighter, stronger, have a more comfortable structure and have straps that make it easier to adjust. You can either purchase a shoulder brace that is custom-made or buy one that comes in different sizes, and is similarly comfortable. Furthermore, if you’re injured or have dislocated your shoulder, then you can buy shoulder braces that are fitted with slings that assist in stabilization of the shoulder. Some are made from breathable fabric and thermoformed padding that allow increased comfort thus... read more

Control Your Wrist Pain by Wearing Wrist Braces

Immediately you experience any kind of pain no matter how mild it is or even after a sprain or injury, it is very important to seek medical attention from a health specialist. As treatment progresses, you also need to wear wrist braces which prevent further damage to the wrist ligaments and tissues since the wrist is an important part and you will use it often. The wrist braces in the market are designed to allow swiftness of the wrist muscles as well as keep it restrained as you do your daily activities. The condition is mainly common but not limited to tennis or golf players who risk suffering carpal tunnel syndrome. Some wrist braces are made for this specific condition to offer mild support as they play. It offers support by compressing the wrist muscles but leaving the other part of the hand free to swing. Some are even made to make the hand move independently from the wrist by wrapping it in an inelastic brace that acts like a kind of bandage. Such braces can be used during recovery process from an injury. Additionally, there’re braces that are used when suffering from a mild sprain by providing compression and support to the sprained area to heal faster. When suffering from a fracture maybe after falling, wrist splints that are made from elastic material should be worn to restrain the wrist. Therefore with all this varieties to choose from no one has to endure an injury or pain from a weak wrist. However, when choosing the best brace for you, there’re many facts to consider. Most importantly, the wrist... read more

All You Need To Know About Elbow Braces

Among the most common repetitive muscle injuries, elbow pain can be one of the most persistent. Tennis elbow as it is commonly referred to, can affect anyone from any walk of life. However, the majority of people who suffer from it have never played tennis but rather have frequent and repeated movement of the elbow which caused strain to the tendons that are attached to the elbow. Most people ignore it because it seems like part of aging but until it gets chronic is when they seek a solution. The best way to deal with tennis elbow is to get an elbow support. This is a device that helps to alleviate the small pain caused by elbow injuries. The elbow support can also be used in cases of pain in the wrist, hands or forearm. Most elbow supports are applied by wrapping it around the elbow area and they are generally made with Velcro material which makes it very easy for the user to fasten the brace to their desire. Elbow supports also offer firmness and restricts the movement of the elbow joints. Mostly, the outward material on the support tends to be a little elastic and have soft linen, to provide comfort to the user. The supports can be worn mostly when doing daily activities to give the elbow joint extra support. There is also a support that can be worn around the arm which is 2-inches wider than normal support but compresses the nerves near the elbow joint thus very useful for conditions like carpal tunnel which affects the lower arm. Furthermore, there’re elbow braces that are... read more

Other Ways to Improve Back Support

Many of us have experience with back braces and would agree that a brace is one of the greatest ways to improve back support in addition to decreasing back pain on a daily basis. Although a back brace is wonderful way to help give yourself a break from back pain, there are numerous other ways that you can do to increase your odds in receiving better back support and eliminating pain. In general, whether it is a back injury or permanent back issues, these other ways can help you on a daily basis if performed correctly and regularly. Exercise – Exercising is one of the greatest ways to build your back muscle and create better back support. Not only doesn’t it strengthen the back but it also gets you up and moving, which in return stretches the back keeps you from staying in one position. Although exercise is a good activity, you must still be careful you do not damage or injure your back worse. Keep a Straight Posture – Posture, posture, posture. Nothing is more important then having (and maintaining) a straight and solid posture. Not only will it build a stronger back but also it will relieve back pain in most cases. Amazingly you can increase pressure up to 60% if you stand up straight and stretch your back. Contact a Back Specialist – If you feel that your back is not strengthening or getting better, it may be time to see a spine or back specialist. Not only can a specialist assist you in making sure you have the right back brace but they may suggest... read more

Back Braces: The Pros and Cons

Back pain is a very common occurrence and not rare to experience at least once your life. Unfortunately, many of us have to battle back pain throughout our whole life, without any relief. The pain can be caused from a multitude of reasons from nerve damage to herniated discs. Back pain is one of the most common reasons why we go to the doctor or miss a day of work, simply because the pain level is not tolerable. I there a simple way to assist back pain and encourage the back to recover faster? Back braces not only can relieve the pain but include great back support which in return will reduce the recovery time. More then likely we have all heard about a back brace and how it can benefit us whether it is through allowing us to bear more weight while lifting, support the back so it is straight or giving our backs the relief it may need. Studies have shown that a back brace can help with chronic lower and higher back pain in addition to prevent scoliosis from worsening. As anyone can see there are many benefits that can be received from a back brace. Pros of a Back Brace Back Support – A back brace does exactly what it is called, it braces the back to allow your spine to stabilize in addition to assist you in standing straight and better posture, which in return can alleviate some back pain. Movement – Not only can a back brace assist you in having a better support for your muscles, spine and nerves but it can... read more

What are Back Braces?

If you are recovering from back surgery or have a back injury, the pain you experience in this area can make your life unbearable. One won’t know the importance of their back until they experience a back injury and then doing simple tasks become very daunting and painful. As you know, your back plays an important role when doing anything thing from walking to working. When your back is injured doing any kind of activity even the simple ones can cause you a lot of pain. Back braces and supports can help ease back pain from back surgery or just back twinges. It is prudent to use the correct bracing support that can effectively limit spinal motion and boost the healing process. A back brace can be used to strengthen your back and prevent any motion in that area. You may be involved in an accident and end up hurting your back. If you wish to recover from the back injury quickly then back braces are the best option. However, depending on how bad your back injury is and the area that is hurt, specific back supports may be most suitable. It is important to use the correct back bracing support to prevent aggravating your back injury. Types of Back Braces Most back braces are designed to give full support for the injured back from the neck area to the lower back. If you have minor back injuries and experience lower back pain then a foam or cloth-type brace is most suitable. However, in most cases a trained physician will normally assess the kind and extent of your back... read more

Weighing Back Braces and Support Options

When it comes to assessing back braces and supports, there are normally two basic types available. The back of a person is an important area of the body that requires a lot of care. In the event, you experience any kind of back pain, it is important to consider using back supports in order to support your back, ease the pain or just prevent your back from becoming worse. It is proven that using back braces can help in the treatment of spinal fusions and fractures after going under the knife since any movement in that part of the body can cause avoidable pain and eventually hinder healing. There corset/elastic and rigid braces are the most commonly known back braces. You have to be aware that each of these back bracing supports have their purpose. Thus, it is advisable to use them once you have understood the purpose of each back bracing support and also learn about back health in general. This way you will be in a better position to know the best back brace option for your needs. Corset Back Braces Corset back bracing options are very useful when it comes to hindering movement of the spine. When you are from lumbar fusion surgery or just have a spine injury, you are advised to use the elastic bracing option since it is strong and helpful in reducing spinal motion. Corset back supports are designed to support the back, limit forward-bending while promoting the healing process. There are different types of corset bracing options, all serving more or less the same purpose. The corset bracing options can also... read more