Foot Braces

Ankle injuries, specifically sprains are one of the most common injuries physically active people experience. Ankle injuries are more prone to happen as a result of rolling of the ankle to the side and over stretching surrounding ankle ligaments and tendons.

Here at, we offer you three types of ankle or foot braces. These are lace-up, post-injury and rigid braces. Depending on the severity of your injury we advise you to consult your medical practitioner before ordering your foot brace. Some of the categories of ankle or foot braces you can get at our online shop include:

Lace-Up Foot Support Braces

These semi-rigid braces made using nylon-vinyl materials are advantageous as they allow you to tighten them according to your comfort level. Its semi-rigid structure allows flexibility compared to a rigid brace and can be used as a prophylactic. We have this type of foot braces as they usually come in handy when you have a mild foot injury.

Post-injury Braces

This are very rigid braces as they are either air-filled or gel filled with two plastic panels that contour each side of the leg. Post-injury braces are generally used to push out swelling and prevent eversion and inversion of your leg or ankle. These type of legs that we offer are not intended for functional activity.

Rigid braces

Rigid braces come in two different forms, stirrup and lace-up. They can be used during the rehabilitation of an injury especially among footballers, basket ballers, volley ballers and jumpers. Stirrup braces allow the ankle joint to move up and down but it protects it from rolling in or out. still offers many different types of braces to match your needs. From short, long, articulated, solid, leather, plastic, carbon braces among many others. We understand the importance of foot braces, such that we have stocked the largest collection of braces to always have what our customers want. You can be a physician or patient in need of an affordable foot brace, you can come to us as we are open to everyone. Some of the braces that can be found in our stores include:

Custom Molded Ankle Gauntlet

This is a short plastic braces that are encased in leather and have Velcro closure system attached to it. If you have severe posterior tibia tendon injuries and other tendon/ligament injuries this foot brace can be recommended to you.

Short Articulated Ankle Foot Orthosis

This is a short foot brace that has an ankle joint which allows your ankle to bend. They also have special joints that pick up your toes when you walk. These braces are usually recommended for people with moderate to server posterior tibial tendon problems and those who have difficulties picking their toes when walking.

Carbon Bracing

Most of our carbon braces work dynamically due to their light and strong nature. If you are experiencing muscle weakness in the leg and feet, tendon injuries among other issues do not hesitate to get yourself this foot braces that is after consulting you doctor.