Shoulder Braces

Your shoulder joint is composed of the collarbone, the shoulder blade and the upper arm bone. Your shoulders are the most moveable joints in your body and must be anchored by muscles, tendons and ligaments. The shoulder is a site of many common problems such as sprains, stains, dislocations, separations, bursitis, torn rotator cuffs, frozen shoulders fracture and arthritis.

Here, at, we take your shoulder needs seriously as having a good shoulder impact very positively to you having a good posture and a better life. Our varieties of shoulder braces are ideal to provide compression, pain relief and warmth to your muscles and joints. Our available shoulder braces are classified in the following categories:

Shoulder Slings

Shoulder slings are perfect following a shoulder injury, a broken collar bone or shoulder surgery. These ranges of braces are of high quality and are ultra-comfortable as they immobilize the shoulder joint to reduce pain and accelerate the healing process. A shoulder sling may be worn following shoulder replacement surgery and to aid conditions such as rotator cuff injuries and shoulder arthritis. One type of a shoulder sling is the Donjoy Ultra slim brace that incorporates an exercise ball which patients can use to avoid stiffness and accelerate recovery.

Collar Bone Supports

One type of this brace is the Procare Universal Clavicle which is specially designed to allow a broken collar bone or a damaged AC joint to heal in the best position possible. It’s important for you to receive high quality, ultra-comfortable shoulder care following a shoulder injury or surgery. This range of braces offers you just that and they immobilize your shoulder joint during the healing process. Accidents which involve the collar bone usually result in injuries to the shoulder and therefore the importance to support this area and immobilization of the arm.  Arm slings such as the Arm and shoulder sling are ideal for meeting these requirements.

Shoulder Braces

Shoulder braces are often describes by physiotherapists as a means to prevent shoulder injuries. They are important following injuries such as shoulder dislocation, broken collar bone and separation of the shoulder. Using a Donjoy shoulder stabilizer along with physiotherapy gives extra support especially for persons in contact sports. If less support is required, Vulkan neoprene shoulder support and shoulder straps may be perfect for you. Always consult your doctor before purchasing a shoulder brace so as to know which brace is suitable for you at that particular time.