Ankle Braces

Ankle injuries are becoming one of the most common injuries in modern time. Regardless whether you are a sportsman or just a person who is unlucky, ankle injury can get you stuck in bed for days or even weeks. People have been affected by this type of injury in the most awkward ways ever. If you sit too long with your legs crossed and decide to stand and make a sudden move while your foot is still asleep you have high chances to hurt your ankle.

Here, at, we understand a good ankle support can be of great benefits. A good ankle support ought to prevent unwanted movements of the ankle but allow the ankle to function normally at the same time. That’s why we have come with an array of ankle braces to help you deal with your situation and ankle symptoms. Our ankle braces are classified into five categories:

Ankle Support Level – Low

Our range of ankle braces in this category include both elasticated and neoprene braces, so you are sure to find what you are looking for. Braces that fall in this category provide just the right degree of support and compression to help speed up recovery and remove pain. Our level of low level ankle braces are just the ticket to assist you deal with minor ankle pain or a minor sport injury. Some of the braces found in this category include LP 757 Adjustable Ankle Support, Mueller Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support, Mueller 4547 Adjustable Ankle Support among many others. It’s important for you to consult your doctor before purchasing a ankle brace so as to know which one to buy.

Ankle Support Level – Medium

Many of the ankle braces in this category have adjustable straps attached to them in order to provide your ankles with greater stability. This range is perfect for moderate and minor ankle tendon and ligament injuries. Even though ankle braces are seen as first aid items once an injury has occurred, they can actually be used as injury prevention items. Don’t wait any longer and get yourself a pair of ankle support braces. Support devices in this range include Mueller ATF 2 Ankle brace, Mueller 4547 adjustable ankle support, Shock doctor ankle brace with bilateral stabilser, Donjoy Elastic ankle support with strappings among many other ankle support braces.

Ankle Support Level – High

Upon sustaining a moderate ankle sprain, ankle ligament injury or ankle instability this range of ankle support braces can make all the difference in your road to recovery and return to sports. On top of this category is the Push Aegui ankle brace which is super light and has more flexibility in the material than your insurance card. Coming in number two is the Aircast A60, also worn by Andy Murray, is a slim line and moulded brace. Lace Up ankle support often worn for more protection and are less flexible, the Donjoy Velocity ankle brace offers the latest technology in lace up ankle support having its Velcro locking, and McDavid 189 which is the only brace that has a pivot point for unmatched up down movement while wearing an ankle brace. There are more braces that fall in this category, always check with your doctor to know which support device is suitable to you.

Ankle Support Level – Ultimate

They are for major ankle sprains, ligament tear, instabilities, pain and post operation rehab. Check out the Aircast A60 as worn by And Murray for years and Aircast XP Walker worn by David Beckham and Wayne Rooney during their Metatarsal Fracture. Don’t allow yourself to go back to your rehabilitation clinic due to slipping in the shower while wearing a plastic bag over your foot. Get one of the genuine braces that will help your ankle recovery.